When it comes to quizzes with lots of questions in them it is easier to bulk upload them all at once instead of doing each one manually. This is easy to do on Synap with our CSV uploader. 

All questions need at least one correct and one incorrect answer, but you can have multiple correct answer and incorrect answers for questions. Images will need a URL.

Step 1: Formatting Questions

CSV Upload Template

First you will need to put your questions into our question upload template, this can be done on google sheets or excel. the Column headers need to be: 

Correct Answer 1
Incorrect Answer 1
Incorrect Answer 2
Incorrect Answer 3
Incorrect Answer 4
Image Url
Feedback Image Url

(optional headers for multiple correct answers)
Correct Answer 2
Correct Answer 3
Correct Answer 4

The image below shows and example of these columns in google sheets

Once you are happy with your sheet and there are no gaps between rows or columns you need to save/download/export it as a CSV.

Step 2: Make and name your quiz

From your dashboard go to Library>Quizzes>Create quiz

Put in the name of your quiz and you'll be taken to the quiz builder, from here you can add a description to your quiz and either manually create it question by question or see the CSV bulk uploader by clicking 'Upload CSV'

Step 3: Upload CSV

Select the CSV file from your computer to upload it. A pop up window shows you the fields and an overview of each questions, shown below.

Preview: You can preview what different questions will look like to check that all the fields are correct and that the images have been detected and are showing. Questions detected should correspond to the number of questions on your sheet

Question: The text body of your question this field should never be empty

Answers: You can have multiple correct or incorrect answers. Make sure there are green ticks next to all correct answers. You can add more answers with the red 'Add another Answer' button at the bottom.

Images: Images that have been detected will show in the preview if the image hasn't shown another link may be required or the image may have privacy settings on it. Image Urls will show within the question and Feedback images will only show if a user is in practice mode after they have answered a question or at the end when their quiz has been marked. 

Further reading can also be added.

When you are happy that your quiz is ready to upload click 'Begin Import' you can navigate away from the page and an email will be sent to you when it has done. An email will also be sent if the import fails in which case go back through it make sure there are no gaps, and that all the column headers are exact (spelling and case) to the template above.

Once your import has been completed you'll be able to view your questions in the question builder 

Now you're ready to add all the quizzes you need to your Synap portal! 

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