Notes are a great way to add instructions and help guides to a course or collection. t. Notes support, images, videos, gifs, rich text. Items can be embeded using the built in editor or by pasting in html using iframes.

(To add images for notes you'll need to use links, if you need help with generating links for some images, ask your account manager. )

Notes can be pinned to the side of your menu to include help and FAQs for your users.

Step 1: Create a Note

Library > Create or Upload > Note

Add in a name and short description for your note then save.

Step 2: Edit Note

The note editor lets you add text and titles to your notes. You can align the text, add lists and bullet points to your note.

Go to view>source code to edit the note as html

Step 3: Preview & Save

Preview your note in the note builder and when its compelte save. It will be saved to your library where you can add it into courses or collections

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